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  • F-theta Scan Lenses QBH Collimation factory china

    F-theta Scan Lenses QBH Collimation factory china

    Carmanhaas offer professional laser optical system with galvo scan laser processing.The entire system is a separate functional module that enables plug-and-play functionality. Processing by galvanometer scanning, mainly include: QBH collimation module / beam expander, galvanometer system, F-theta scan lens, in which QBH collimation module / beam expander realizes shaping of light

    source (diverging parallel or small spot becomes large spot), the galvanometer system realizes beam .

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  • SLM Optical System supplier china 200W-1000W

    SLM Optical System supplier china 200W-1000W

    Laser metal 3D printing technology mainly includes SLM (laser selective melting technology) and LENS (laser engineering net shaping technology), among which SLM technology is the mainstream technology currently used. This technology uses laser to melt each layer of powder and produce adhesion between different layers. In conclusion, this process loops layer by layer until the entire object is formed. SLM technology overcomes the troubles in the process of manufacturing complex-shaped metal parts with traditional technology. It can directly form almost completely dense metal parts with good mechanical properties, and the precision and mechanical properties of the formed parts are excellent.
    Compared with the low precision of traditional 3D printing (no light is needed), laser 3D printing is better in shaping effect and precision control. The materials used in laser 3D printing are mainly divided into metals and non-metals。Metal 3D printing is known as the vane of the development of the 3D printing industry. The development of the 3D printing industry largely depends on the development of the metal printing process, and the metal printing process has many advantages that the traditional processing technology (such as CNC) does not have.
    In recent years, CARMANHAAS Laser has also actively explored the application field of metal 3D printing. With years of technical accumulation in the optical field and excellent product quality, it has established stable cooperative relations with many 3D printing equipment manufacturers. The single-mode 200-500W 3D printing laser optical system solution launched by the 3D printing industry has also been unanimously recognized by the market and end users. It is currently mainly used in auto parts, aerospace (engine), military products, medical equipment, dentistry, etc.

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  • Dynamic Focus post objective scanning system 3D...

    Dynamic Focus post objective scanning system 3D...

    Dynamic scanning optical system optics:1pc small focus lens、1-2pcs focus lens、Galvo mirror.The entire optical lens forms a function of beam expansion, focusing and beam deflection and scanning.
    The expanding part is a negative lens, ie small focus lens, which realizes beam expansion and moving zoom, the focusing lens is composed of a group of positive lenses. The galvo mirror is mirror in the galvanometer system.

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  • Galvo scan head welding system manufacturer chi...

    Galvo scan head welding system manufacturer chi...

    CARMAN HAAS has a professional and experienced laser optics R&D and technical team with practical industrial laser application experience. The company actively deploys independently developed laser optical systems (including laser welding systems and laser cleaning systems) in the field of new energy vehicles, mainly focusing on laser applications of power battery, hairpin motor, IGBT and laminated core on New Energy Vehicles (NEV).

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  • Laser cutting head nozzle supplier in china

    Laser cutting head nozzle supplier in china

    With the increasing economic development, the application of stainless steel medium and heavy plates have become more and more extensive. The products manufactured by it are now widely used in construction engineering, machinery manufacturing, container manufacturing, shipbuilding, bridge construction and other industries.

    Nowadays, the cutting method of stainless steel thick plate is mainly based on laser cutting, but in order to achieve high-quality cutting results, you need to master certain process skills.

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  • Fiber laser cutting head protective lens window...

    Fiber laser cutting head protective lens window...

    Material: Fused Silica

    Wavelength: 1030-1090nm

    Max Power: 30Kw

    Package details: 1pc lens/ plastic box

    Brand Name: CARMAN HAAS

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  • Focusing Lenses Supplier For Fiber Cutting Head

    Focusing Lenses Supplier For Fiber Cutting Head

    Material: Fused Silica

    Wavelength: 1030-1090nm

    CL: 75mm/100mm

    FL: 125mm/150mm/200mm

    Diameter: 25.4mm/28mm/30mm/37mm/38.1mm

    Power: 1Kw-15Kw CW LASER

    Brand Name: CARMAN HAAS

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company company
  • 2016
    Established In year 2016
  • 8000²
    Company Size 8000m²
  • 175+
    Working Staff 175
  • 50+
    R&D Staff 50+
  • 600,000+
    Optical Lens:600,000pcs/year
  • 6,000+
    Laser module/ Optical system :6,000pcs/year

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